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Health & Wellness Reviews & Tips

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I’ve been hearing about the Paleo Diet for a while. I knew it was based around whole foods, but I didn’t know much else about it. As it turns out, I’ve been eating a very similar diet for a while. I would like to take the opportunity to introduce the Paleo Diet, its benefits, and a few recommendations on how to enhance it.

If you look at the packaging of any processed food item, you will likely notice a slew of advertising claims like low sodium or cage free. It is also likely you’ve seen the all natural claim. Maybe you’ve even purchased a product labeled all natural because you thought it was healthy for you. It turns out the all natural claim means nothing.

The U.S. agricultural market and chemical industry sells just under a billion pounds of insecticides and herbicides each year. The government allows this to happen despite knowing that farmers and those that apply pesticides, as well as factory workers at pesticide plants get cancer at significantly higher rates than those that do not work on farms or in chemical plants. Very little effort has been made, to date, by the government in order to get to the bottom of this crisis. Pesticides can also be found in our water.

Chiropractic concentrates on different spinal problems and cures as well. Different cases are being brought up from time to time and most patients feel anguish and bothered because they do not know what waits for them if they need to undergo a certain chiropractic procedure. Commonly, patients choose wellness center that are popular in order for them to meet their needs especially those who are energetic every day. Yes it is best to make your body active but it is better to set limitations too. Chiropractic covers up spine adjustments and other serious processes and if you want to know what to see and experience during an official session, visit a clinic or center which offers this kind of service and give yourself the opportunity to know the features of all chiropractic procedures.


What’s In Your Food?

I’ve read a handful of studies that all suggest that roughly 60% of U.S. citizens actually read the nutritional content labels and just 50% check the ingredients when food shopping for new items. This is too low, especially considering that about a third of Americans are at least 35 pounds over a healthy weight. Understanding what ingredients and the nutritional value of those ingredients is paramount in eating healthy.


Eat Local Produce

There has been a significant marketing push in many communities across the country, recommending that consumers purchase produce from nearby farms. It makes sense and it is likely to continue. There are numerous reasons why, and I will lay them out for you. However, there are a few things to be careful of. Just because a farm is around the corner doesn’t mean it’s your best option.

Healthy eating has had a sizable enemy for quite some time, according to a variety of news sources and public advocacy groups. It’s called High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). The onslaught against it has been so great that its producers have been attempting to rebrand it, corn sugar, in an attempt to avoid the bad reputation and increase profitability. Researchers at Princeton University released a paper indicating that Americans consume about sixty pounds per year, per person, of HFCS. They also highlight the concurrent rise in usage of HFCS and the rise in obesity rates. I have studied a wide variety of research from both sides of the argument. I will attempt to answer the question, is HFCS worse than sugar?


The Triple Threat

Sugar, salt, and fat make a food more desirable, at least when it comes to the average person’s taste buds. Individually, they are dangerous. Together, they are a potent cocktail that stimulates the brain’s reward system and releases dopamine, a chemical that motivates us to eat more. In other words, addiction.

We each have what’s called a bliss point, which is our ideal level or combination of sugar, salt, and fat that gets our brain juices flowing. Food manufacturers are well aware of this bliss point and spend a great deal of time uncovering and targeting the average person’s ideal level. It leads to short-term satisfaction and unconscious eating. The only thing healthy about this are the profits that food manufacturers earn from hitting the bliss point.

The majority of people that go to the beach do so with the purpose of relaxation without knowing the massive health benefits of this. The health benefits of visiting a spa, natural spa that is, are massive. Individuals are subjected to a lot of stress which calls for some relaxation. With natural spas, there is no use of harsh chemicals, instead herbs are used. The oceans and seas are also a form of natural spa.